Freckles' Friends

We are sorry but our voucher program is currently out of funding and we cannot issue any vouchers at this time.

Help us reduce the number of stray and unwanted pets by having your pets spayed or neutered before another litter is born.  For spay/neuter voucher assistance,
call 615-464-6104 or

In order to issue a voucher, we have to know your name, if your pet is a cat or dog and whether it is male or female.  We also need to know your city or town of residence and if you qualify for a low-income voucher, the program from which you receive benefits.

Low-Income Spay/Neuter Vouchers:
 Recipients must be on government low-income assistance program such as Unemployment, Disability, SSI, Families First or Food Stamps and live in DeKalb County or neighboring rural community.
Female Dog:  $65
Male Dog:  $45
Female Cat:  $45
Male Cat:  $30

Freckles' Friends vouchers are accepted at 6 veterinary clinics:

*Animal Clinic of Smithville (Dr. Mark Burke):  615-597-1728
*Cannon County Animal Clinic (Dr. Gayle Tate):  615-563-4022
*DeKalb Animal Clinic (Dr. Scott Little):  615-597-1950
*Fix for Life Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in Lebanon:  615-453-2349
*Paul's Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in McMinnville:  931-668-2702
*Wheeler Veterinary Clinic in Smithville:  615-597-3770

Freckles' Friends will be billed for the amount of the voucher and you will be responsible for any charges over the voucher amount at time of service.  Vouchers cannot be used retroactively.  Please contact us for a voucher prior to scheduling the surgery.
These programs will be available as long as funding lasts.

Funding possible due to grant funding from The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and donations from supporters like you!
Freckles' Friends is a 501c3 non-profit (EIN 20-4911602) under the IRS code
and all donations are tax deductible.

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